I have been creative since early childhood. I studied at fotka 1 (2)art school in the department of fashion design. Fashion is a part of my everyday life and accompanied me for many years, during which I had the opportunity to present my work not only in Slovakia but also abroad. One of the successes that I achieved was an award from the Bratislava fashion days, the Jury Prize for the most creative collection. Among my other achievements are my exhibitions at Prague fashion salon, presentation Munich, and Prostějov, also my role of stylist and supervisor with well-known Slovak and Czech photographers. Fashion designs from my studio are a blend of contrasts, mirror reflections, animal elements and negatives. Animal struggles take place in each of us, looking at it through the negative changes in an arranged order of appearance in ourselves. Only the reflection of a mirror reveals the imperfections that make each of us exceptionally beautiful. This is my inspiration, the idea of my creation. With it I blur the differences between the sexes, paving the way for a new perception of current fashion and sexuality and thus move to the forefront the cult of the personality of the individual. I like to work with pleasant and non-traditional materials, which are enriched with my drawings and graphics and transferred on to the textile. This makes each garment as unique as the one who wears it. I believe the entry into my world, the entry into my visual confession will be a delight and pleasure … bon appetite!